“Like all forms of design, visual design is about problem solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion”


Below you can see some of my projects, in which I participated as a web designer. I would like to offer at your attention different theme projects, in order to show you that I can work in various theme fields. Due to the fact that in the last few years I have mainly worked for one and the same client, whose business is rental of holiday apartments, the projects that dominate in my portfolio are mainly websites in that field of business. The websites, which to I have given links below, are coming with a design made by me, however I was not involved in the fort-end and the programming processes in any of them.

  • Baby Wear Store
  • Dota2 Guides - work in progress
  • GoNet - healty life
  • Babywear (Not online)
  • Dota2 Guides (Work in progress)
  • www.gnet.org
  • Tereni.bg - Намери терен
  • Apartments Apart - Serviced Apartments
  • Royal Route Residence - Serviced Apartments
  • www.tereni.bg
  • www.apartmentsapart.com
  • www.royalrouteresidence.com
  • C Trust Network - Guides
  • Obrazarna - Paintings
  • Niko Sport - Mini football
  • www.ctrustnetwork.com
  • www.obrazarna.cz (Not online)
  • Niko Sport (@Back-end dev)
  • Gnet - Serviced Apartments
  • Cosy Rentals - Serviced Apartments
  • Prague Hotel - Serviced Apartments
  • Old Design of Gnet.org
  • CosyRentals (Not online)
  • www.prague-hotel.co.uk (Online with the old version)
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